PMDC enjoys the trust of the Government

It has the mining rights of largest proven reserves of salt, all across the country. Most significantly, it has the mining rights of the world celebrated, pink salt reserves. The pink salt resources are of deep interest not only in the local market at national level, but it also grabs the interest of foreign markets and salt traders abroad. 

PMDC has been the official and formal channel between salt traders ever since its formulation in the 70’s, which has contributed in constructing its trustworthy name in the market. PMDC is a self sustainable corporation, with its presence in every province of Pakistan. Given its exceptional geological data resources, state of the art logistical infrastructure and experienced human resources, it has earned a reliable name and reputation for itself.

PMDC At a Glance

Chief objective behind establishment of this facility was to examine and expand the techno-economic prospects of mineral mining, inside Pakistan with relative feasibility. PMDC is actively contributing in extraction of Rock salt in mines across Pakistan. While it has set in place an efficient salt production and marketing system on a national level, it aspires to create an equally successful marketing network abroad.

Government owned, trusted organization

Sound financial position with no loan liability

Technically sound having skilled human resources

Renowned and established name in the market

Price check and stabilization in open market

Value addition of salt products, innovation and exports

Chemical/ Soda Ash Business Venture

To setup advance Salt processing Plant for local & export

More focus to generate additional revenue stream by advance development of Museum, Tourist Resort

Exploration of new minerals leases


Exploration and evaluation of mineral deposits

Pink Rock Salt is PMDC’s flagship project, which is extracted and exported in massive volumes annually, in the form of various artifacts and table salt. PMDC hopes to exploit pink salt in manner that can benefit its production industry, as well as attract foreign investors, in the best possible way. PMDC is determined to regulate coal and salt mining in Pakistan, for better production of goods. Given the accelerating demand of products like pink salt in the international market, PMDC is aiming to promote an inclusive investment culture in the mining sector of Pakistan through joint ventures and collaborations.

Vision Statement

The Management would strive to make PMDC the leading destination of mining sector through creating a congenial atmosphere in which all stake holder work as partners in a safe environment to achieve one common goal, sustainable development through mining.

Mission Statement

The Primary responsibility is to explore, develop, exploit, ensure availability, foster the efficient and effective regulation and management of the utilization and security of sustainable supply of minerals for economic development and requirements of Pakistan and to coordinate development of natural resources.
PMDC has 40% of total market shares in five operational Rock Salt projects. PMDC has the mining rights of the world’s largest pink salt mines with estimated reserves of 22.22 billion tons. According to Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR), given its natural extraction and preservation, the purity level of these Rock Salt upto 99.3%. Major chemical industries across Pakistan, including LCI, Sitara Chemicals, Olympia Chemicals, Ittehad Chemicals (and several others) are the notable consumers of PMDC Industrial grade Rock Salt.

Rebranding PMDC as Mining and Marketing Company

  1. Shift the mindset from “Sell what you produce” to “produce what you can sell profitably”.
  2. Establishment of Business Development Department for identification of revenue optimization strategy, revenue and profitability analysis of various business lines for effective monitoring and development of corporate business plan.
  3. The company is working to improve the product mix through operational controls in storage and grading mechanism, hiring of technical resources, reviving of mines, business to business sales, and use of mechanized mining tools for improving the excavation methods.
  4. Equity participation of 10% in Balochistan Mineral Exploration Company (BMEC).
  5. Evaluating new business lines of salt crushing, Soda Ash and potash and metallic mining opportunities in Pakistan.
  6. Reviving of soapstone mining project.