Facilities & Services

PMDC is engaged in collective ventures with private and
government sector authorities
of salt mines and collieries


PMDC administer a wide range of facilities and services across Pakistan
Aiming to advance best business interests and opportunities for government and private companies

Consultation Services

PMDC also provides consultation and community services for a diverse number of projects and explorations, such as: Mineral Exploration, Geochemical Exploration, Mineral Resources Evaluation, Mine Survey, Mine Feasibility Studies, Mine Development.

Health Facilities

GP medical facilities are provided at all the mines beside the ones at HO. These facilities can be extended to any agency on nominal charges.


PMDC has established an Asthma Resort at the Khewra Mines to cure asthma developed by allergy. Given that it’s one of the leading medical conditions among the mine workers and permanent residents.

Education Facility

In an attempt to ensure basic education facilities for the children of the mining community, PMDC has developed a significant number of schools in the community. Some of them even enjoy satisfactory and decent reputation among the community. Khewra Mine Survey Institute and Model Higher Secondary School are regarded as quite prestigious and reputable.

At Khewra

  • PMDC Model High School, Khewra is run by 24 highly qualified teachers. During the current academic session (2019-2020) total strength of students is 342 male/female students (69/273).
  • PMDC Degree College, Khewra is seen by 12 qualified teachers. During the current academic session, the total strength of students is 323.
  • Khewra Mine Survey Institute provides one-year courses in mine surveying after matriculation. The Institute produces 60-70 students annually. The courses start in January and end up in December each year.

At Warcha

  • PMDC Model High School provides teaching facilities to 400 male/female students. At present there are 26 teaching staff members.

At Kalabagh

  • There is one training center for short-hand and typing along with basic computer training facilities for the students.