Pink Salt

The pink rock salt is available in purest form having
fortified 99% NACL and naturally including traces of
iron and other minerals beneficial for health.


Pink Salt is 100% natural and can be directly crushed for human usage and consumption unlike sea Salt.

According to an expert review video by Dr. Berg Keto Consultant, USA and other open, available studies/ reports. Both Rock salt and sea salt have trace minerals in them. However, as compared to Rock salt; sea salt also has some degree of micro plastics infused in it, as well. One study claimed that almost 90% of sea salt products have some amount of plastic.

Nonetheless, Rock salt is naturally so pure that it has zero degree of micro plastics. Precisely, because Rock salt is obtained from an ancient sea bed that existed long before human civilization and has crystalized as it was. Micro plastics can create a lot of inflammation in the body as they act as endocrine disruptors. Moreover they take more than 500 years to finally break down. Thus, Rock salt is not only a healthier substitute but also an intelligent one. 

Moreover for Pink Salt’s benefits, refer to sources below:

Published study of Department of Biochemistry, University of Karachi, PK. (Rock Salt crystals improve air quality by enriching it with –ve ions). Click here to download.


A general study published by BMC Psychiatry, UK, (Effects of +/- air ions on psychological measures of mood and emotional state). Click here to download.

Pink Salt is revered as a delicacy due to its high food grade quality and exceptionally unique colour variations of White, Light Pink, Red/ Dark Pink & Greyish which contains natural minerals trace elements.

Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Iron are the commonly found traces in Pink Salt. Its purity levels can go up to 99.3% (as certified by the PCSIR), it is 100% natural and can be directly crushed for human usage and consumption unlike sea Salt. 

Certain negative ions of Pink Salt have been said to improve mental health conditions like depression, stress, and anxiety, hence it is also deemed beneficial for health purposes.

At Khewra Salt mine, Pink Salt is also turned into lamps, statues, decorative pieces, geometrical shapes and into wall tiles, as well.



Rock salt (halite) mined from the Punjab Salt Range in Pakistan, deriving its name from its extensive deposits of rock salt.
White Salt
Pink Salt
Dark Pink Salt
Grayish Salt


PMDC offers wide grades of salt that comes in variety of colors and structures, as per the needs and demands of costumers.


PMDC is in process to sell their products in value added form instead of raw to earn more revenue.
The products include salt, decorative products, de-icing and animal licking salt.


Pakistan is blessed with huge rock salt deposits and estimated reserve are over 65 million  Metric Ton, whereas PMDC reserves are over 36 million tons, which include reserves of both pink rock salt from Salt Range region and grey salt from Kohat Saline Series.

Pakistan’s Pink Rock Salt have its own uniqueness in terms of purity and the presence of various trace elements, which make it the most suitable food grade salt, compared to its counterparts. The uniqueness of pink rock salt have opened trade and business opportunities across the globe and the demand is on rise consistently.

Currently PMDC offers following products: –



Edible White Salt

Granular (Mesh & MM size) and Powder form

Edible Pink Salt

Granular (Mesh & MM size) and Powder

Edible Dark Pink Salt

Granular (Mesh & MM size) and Powder

Rock Salt

Rock & Piece grade salt for edible and decorative manufacturing items purpose.




Blocks, Bricks

Animal Licking salt

Industrial Salt

Chemical and Tannery