PMDC operates an extensive network of salt mines & collieries

PMDC manages 4 Coal Mines, 4 Salt Mines and a silica sand quarry. PMDC shares 17% of the coal and 58% of the total salt production in the country.

PMDC is fortunate to extract entirely unique Rock Salt, which is not only naturally rich but also contains traces of significant elements like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Iron. 

Joint Ventures

PMDC is engaged in collective ventures with private and government sector authorities

Through which it aims to establish an inclusive business environment for foreign and domestic investors in mining sector.

Stretching from Azad Kashmir in north to collieries in Balochistan, PMDC administers diverse range of exploration and development projects.

Facilities & Services

PMDC offers consultation services, along with tourism, health and educational facilities.

For a diverse number of projects and explorations, such as: Mineral Exploration, Geochemical Exploration, Mineral Resources Evaluation, Mine Survey, Mine Feasibility Studies, Mine Development.

Investment Opportunities

PMDC provides a broad spectrum of opportunities for investors

As a major mineral development agency, PMDC has conducted geochemical explorations and mining expeditions across Pakistan in order to seek untapped reserves.