PMDC operates an extensive
of salt mines and


PMDC is operating 4 Coal Mines4 Salt Mines and one silica sand quarry.
PMDC shares
17% of the coal and 58% of the total salt production in the country.

Lakhra Collieries/Dadu

Lakhra coal fields are located in the city of Hyderabad, and it happens to house 54 million total cost reserves.
Different kinds of coal are extracted by room and pillar methods from the collieries, specifically sub-bituminous and lignite coal.

Degari Collieries/Mastung

Degari coal ranges are located 35km southeast of Quetta. They are the deepest coal mines in Pakistan, and kinds of sub-bituminous-A and high volatile B-bituminous coals are extracted from 1000 meters below the ground level. Unlike conventional mining techniques, in Degari collieries mining is executed through, Long wall system.

Sor-Range Coal Mines/Quetta

Degari Sor-Range is located 16 kilometers east of Quetta city. Sub-bituminous-A and volatile B-bituminous coal is extracted from its massive reserves of 12.95 million tones. Just like other coal mines of Degari Sor Ranges, mining is done via – long wall system here, as well.

Shahrigh Coal Mines

Shahrig- Khost- Harnai Coal Fields are located 160 km north east of Quetta city. Sub-bituminous-A and ultra-volatile B-bituminous kinds of coals are extracted from it via long wall mining system, from its 28.97 million tons of total reserves.

Khewra Salt Mines

Khewra Salt Mine is located at the foothills of salt ranges, in the region of Punjab. They are regarded as the 2nd largest salt mines all across the world, and are considered as most ancient antiquity in the history of the subcontinent. Going as far back as 600 million years. The Himalayan Salt comes from crystallized remnants of ornate sea beds that were naturally accumulated and preserved over the centuries. With a cumulative thickness of 150 meters, there are 7 thick salt seams, from where salt is extracted in irregular dome-like structures. Inside the mine there are delicate bands of different colors of salt; ranging from transparent white to pink, reddish and carmine color solid rocks, it captures the attention of tourists and visitors of daily accounts. Around 98% of salt that is obtained from Khewra Mines is pure. There are a total 17 levels of Khewra mine: 5 levels are above the ground, 11 are situated below the ground level and 1 level constitutes the ground floor itself.

Makrach Salt Mine


Warcha Salt Mines

They are located 276 km south of the capital city, Islamabad, and their facility is stretched across 3,601.17 acres. White and Pink rocks of crystalline salt are obtained from Warcha Salt Mines, by traditional method of room and pillar extraction. 98% of salt mined is uniquely pure. It’s white salt attracts significant attention from the free flow Iodized salt manufacturers and marketers, from around the world.

Kalabagh Salt Mine

It is located 296 km south of the capital city, Islamabad, and its facility is stretched across 3,837.81 acres. 13 different kinds of salt seams with diverse shades of colors are extracted from chambers that are 80 meters down the ground level. Salt is mined manually by traditional room and pillar method, and records 96% purity on average. The actual Kalabagh salt mine is situated near an ornate, local village – Wanda Kukranwala. Which also lies at the bank of the Indus River, just as the Mine itself.

Jatta/B. Khel Salt mine

It is located 217 km from the capital city of Islamabad. The salt obtained from B. Khel Salt mine records distinguish 98% purity and varies in its shades. From regular white salt to the salt rocks of light and dark grey, are also extracted from it. Mining method used for extraction is conventional room and pillar method.