HSE Performance:

Our HSE PERFORMANCE is based on leading as well as lagging indicators and is also analyzed on regular basis and reported to management for subsequent decision making like investment on operational controls, trainings & awareness workshops, and viable opportunities

Smart Targets:

 We have set SMART goals for our site HSE teams that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound objectives that help our team members align their work with the organization’s vision, mission, and values. SMART framework creates clear, realistic, and motivating goals for our team members, and help us to monitor and evaluate their progress and performance.

Trainings and Awareness Sessions:

We arrange Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) trainings for employees to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. These trainings help our employees understand potential hazards, learn preventive measures, and develop the necessary skills to respond to emergencies. By providing HSE trainings, we observe a remarkable reduction in our workplace accidents, injuries, and illnesses, leading to improved productivity, employee satisfaction, and compliance with legal regulations.

Safety Week Celebration:

Safety week is celebrated every  year at all our project sites as per the agenda decided by our HSE site team. In an effort to show top-down safety commitment, top management personnels make safety-specific visits to each site during  that week.

Reporting System


         We have introduced a systematic Monthly  Reporting (Leading/lagging indicators) . The report is being submitted by projects with evidences on prescribed PMDC HSE format.


       Reporting of incidents(LTI, MT & Fatality) at project sites within 24 hrs. on PMDC Incident/Accident Report form and Investigation Report of that incident to be submitted on prescribed format delineating Immediate, Underlying and Root causes with pictorials within 72 hrs. of incident.