Warcha Salt Mines

Warcha salt Mines are located 276km from Islamabad. The salt occurs in the form of an irregular and broken salt dome. Its white salt is well demanded by the manufacturers of kitchen-flow salt. The pure white salt is transparent and crystalline.

Location 276km south of Islamabad
Leased area 3,601.17 acres (Two Leases)
Geological Horizon Pre-Cambrian
Purity of salt Average 98%
Shades of salt Generally white and pink
Mining method Room and Pillar
Total Resources Over Over one Billion
Production 486,682 tons (2021-22)
Sales 502,250 tons (2021-22)

Mr.Mohsin Aziz
Project Manager,
Warcha Salt Mines
Warcha, Distt. Mianwali.
0300-8604072 (Off.)
0300-8604074 (Fax)