Tourist Resort

The main tunnel at ground level developed by Dr. Warth in 1872 has been converted into Tourist Resort. Thousands of tourists visit Khewra Salt Mines every year. They are fascinated by nature's beauty inside the mountain. Nearly 230,000 to 240,000 visitors, comprising college students, general public, and foreigners visit Salt Mines Khewra every year. The Salt Mines Khewra has developed as a big attraction for the tourist. Impressed by the interest of the tourist, the PMDC Management launched "Khewra Salt Mines Resort Development Project" in February, 2002 with an estimated cost of Rs.4.2 million which now has been increased by another Rs.3 million.


Khewra Salt Mines Tourist Resort has been developed by PMDC with its own resources. Inside the Mine a beautiful mosque made of different shades of rock salt bricks has been constructed - hollow walls of salt bricks when lighted gives a beautiful look. A large chamber called "Assembly Hall" measuring more than 250 ft in height fascinates tourists. There are certain chambers filled in with saturated brine solution. These ponds when illuminated with fancy lights give splendid look. There is an area of transparent salt of light pink colour known as "Shish Mahal". Different chambers are connected with salt bridges over water ponds and when illuminated with lights show marvelous reflection of different colours of salt. The development programme envisages creation and development of following facilities at Khewra Salt Mines in the first phase of development programme, which have since been completed.

CREATION OF RECEPTION/BRIEFING HALL: A reception/briefing hall has been constructed to serve as reception center for tourists. WALKWAY: The walkway from receipt/briefing hall to the Mine Mouth has been constructed by fixing pavers for the smooth walk of tourist. SOUVENIR SHOP: For the convenience of tourist, a souvenir shop has been established in the reception/briefing hall area where tourists can find model lamps and other articles made of salt.

ILLUMINATION: The mines have been illuminated at a grand scale with fancy and reflector type lights to magnify intrinsic beauty of the salient features of the mine, its interior look and texture of rock salt.
ELECTRIC TRAIN: Electric train has been made available for tourists to have a joy ride upto main juncture inside the Mines.

REFRESHMENT: Seating arrangements have been made in side the mine. Refreshments have been provided inside the mine, where kiosks have been fitted, having sufficient capacity for tourists to relax and enjoy light refreshments.

MINE GUIDE: Trained male and female guides are available at the mine to conduct tour of visitors inside the Mines.

CHARGES (With immediate effect)

    Entry Fee:
    - Foreigner Adult US$ 20.00 or equivalent
    - Foreigner Student US$ 10.00 or equivalent
    - Pakistani Adult Rs. 400.00
    - Pakistani Student Rs. 200.00
    - Senior Citizens (Above 60 years) & Children (2 years to 12 years) Rs 200.00
    Trolley Charges
    - Pakistani Adult Rs. 200.00
    - Student Rs. 200.00
    - Senior Citizens (Above 60 years) & Children (2 years to 12 years) Rs.200.00
    - No fee will be charged for infants upto the age of two years
    Parking Fee
    - Motor Cycle Rs. 20.00
    - Car/Jeep/Taxi/Riksha Rs.50.00
    - Hiace Van 18 seater or below Rs. 80.00
    - Coaster 30 seaters or below Rs. 100.00
    - Bus/Truck Rs. 120.00
    Guest House Charges
    - Per Day Rs.3500
    Asthma Resort
    - Complete Charges For All Expenses (Maximum Ten (10) Days) Rs.12,500
     *09:00 A.M. to 06:00 P.M.

MINE VISITING TIMES: Mine is open for tourist from 09:00 A.M. to 06:00 P.M. every day including Sunday and gazetted holidays.